These diamond jewels are only a small part of our collection

  • 18K white golden ring with black diamond (DL68168)
  • 18 k white golden entourage ring (DL68984)
  • 66761 trilogy 18k yellow gold
  • Sapphire ring with diamonds (DL69395)
  • 18k white golden
  • 18 k white golden necklace (DL65096)

The diamondland selection

“It’s true that a kiss on the hand is quite Continental, but when romance is in the air and cupid is drawing back the bowstring your amour will most likely want more.

But where should you go to combine a romantic break with the chance to find perhaps the most important stone of your life? The answer: Belgium’s second largest city: Antwerp.”

The Diamondland Selection: A selection of fine jewellery by DiamondLand, the largest diamond showroom in Antwerp.